About by BURIN

by BURIN is an upcoming brand. Defined by robust sophistication, our bags, shoes, boots, belts and wallets are designed for women who covet style, yet embrace adventure.  Produced in raw leather in natural colors signaling raw energy. Collections dedicated to the modern woman who knows what she wants.

Our by BURIN designers are accessory architects and passionate about fashion that looks superb, feels divine and adapts perfectly to any occasion.

Quality leathers: –
Leathers are specially treated to give them their unique appearance and attractive patina that embodies warmth and sophistication.

Dynamic collections:
We emphasize detail, so you can always be assured that you can complete your ensemble with the perfect accessory, whether it’s a bag, travel bag, shoes, boots, belts or wallets.

Flawless fitting:
We never compromise on construction and select only manufacturers who can confidently stay true to our designs and to the environment.

Our products are made of skins from free-range animals and the marks, scrapes and scars are all natural. Where the animal had been gored, scraped by barbed wire, cactus or mesquite thorns … bitten by a coyote … or branded, the color sets in deep and makes the product unique.

The changing collections:
Each of the collections are a small piece of the Scandinavian spirit and stems from a desire to capture the moment here and now. We have a great passion for exquisite and natural materials in the colors of nature.

Products like our bags are designed to be as useful as they are beautiful, with ample compartments and pocket storage, with attention to detail.

Our by BURIN Mantra:
– As designers, we want to express beauty through all that is magical, beautiful, mysterious and eccentric in the world around us, so that others have the opportunity to express themselves through and find enjoyment in our works.

– Our philosophy is to provide our by BURIN products from nature’s finest material, designed with style and with attention to the trends in fashion, so our work sets the standard for perfection.

– As a company, we strive to work together with people who share our passion and ideals, and have an honest business ethics. Then everybody will know, that we are a company that has a soul.

Welcome in our fantastic by BURIN universe!